Joshua Dalzelle

A new killer is cutting a bloody swath through the frontier worlds. Rumors of its exploits are spreading and, like a ghost, nobody even knows what it looks like. Captain Jason Burke and his crew watch this growing menace with a mix of unease... and guilt. They know who this killer is. He used to be one of them. Seven, as he now called himself, is their former crewmate. The powerful, sentient machine that had once gone by Lucky has suffered a psychotic break and is now a problem that Omega Force has to deal with. Jason wants to believe that he can still save Lucky, but the longer Seven remains, the more he has to admit that it might be better for everybody if he was just eliminated before he can hurt any more innocents. The real question is can they even do it? Many have gone up against Seven already. None were alive to talk about it. The Omega Force crew is in for the fight of their lives against someone who knows everything about them. Every strength. Every weakness. Can Jason take down Seven without losing anyone else?

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Omega Force

To Hell and Back