John Jakes
2012 |

DIVThe first volume of John Jakes’s acclaimed and sweeping saga about a friendship threatened by the divisions of the Civil War /divDIV In the years leading up to the Civil War, one enduring friendship embodies the tensions of a nation. Orry Main from South Carolina and George Hazard from Pennsylvania forge a lasting bond while training at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Together they fight in the Mexican-American War, but their closeness is tested as their regional politics diverge. As the first rounds are fired at Fort Sumter, Orry and George find themselves on different sides of the coming struggle. In John Jakes’s unmatched style, North and South launches a trilogy that captures the fierce passions of a country at the precipice of disaster. This ebook features an illustrated biography of John Jakes including rare images from the author’s personal collection./div

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North and South