Heatherly Bell
2021 |

Coming soon! This runaway bride has regrets… Nashville based musician and part-time cowboy Jackson Carver is back in his small town of Stone Ridge, Texas for the wedding of his older brother. He'd do anything for Lincoln, including be the best man when the maid of honor is Jackson's own runaway bride. Eve Iglesias might have left Jackson at the altar, but at the time she had her reasons. Now she hopes that they can stand together at this wedding without starting WWIII. After all, their families are finally over the feud that she caused. Only a few residents know about the secret that brought Eve back home, and she’d like to keep it that way. But caught in close proximity with a matchmaking granny, it isn't long before Jackson and Eve are revisiting tender feelings that never died. If Eve won't reveal her secret, it may be goodbye all over again for these two star-crossed lovers. A small town, reunion, runaway bride, celebrity cowboy romance!

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Nashville Cowboy

a second chance romance with a celebrity