Yasin al-Jibouri
2013 |

Many intellectuals worldwide regard this book’s eloquence, language and contents with very high regards, and you will find out why when you read it. It is the compilation of some sermons, letters and axioms of Ali ibn Abu Talib, cousin and son-in-law of the Prophet of Islam, who played a major role in shaping the society and politics not only of his time but of all time to come. There are other editions of this great book in many languages, and Yasin T. al-Jibouri has been editing one of them. Here are some of its translations: French: La voie de l’éloquence. Ed. Sayyid ‘Attia Abul Naga. Trans. Samih ‘Atef el-Zein et al. 2nd ed. Qum: Ansariyan, n.d. Romanian: Nahjul-Balagha / Calea vorbirii alese. Trans. Geroge Grigore. Cluj-Napoca: Kriterion, 2008. Russian: ???? ??????????? (Put' krasnorechiya). Trans. Abdulkarim Taras Cherniyenko. Moscow: ????????? ?????????? (Vostochnaya literatura), 2008. Spanish: La cumbre de la elocuencia. Trans. Mohammed Alí Anzaldúa-Morales. Elmhurst: Tahrike-Tarsile-Qur’an, Inc., 1988. There is also an Urdu translation of this great book.

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Path of Eloquence