Mark Warren

Award-winning writer of Wyatt Earp, An American Odyssey, winner of the 2020 Will Rogers Medallion Award, a 2019 Spur Award Finalist and an “Editor’s Choice” by The Historical Novel Society This modern-day, comic farce follows the convoluted paths of an ensemble cast of characters, who coincidentally converge on a small mountain town in north Georgia. There, in historic Lumpkin County, where gold was discovered more than a century and a half ago, a part-Cherokee curmudgeon named Hoke Limberlost has undertaken a mission to right the wrongs of the white man’s blight on the once pristine land. After a series of bold vandalisms in midnight forays, the old warrior enlists the unlikely help of a restaurant waitress, an aspiring barroom bouncer and his nonpareil mentor, an equestrian teacher, and a clairvoyant. As the reader follows the entwining lives of each player in the story, the past history of the characters are revealed in flashbacks to show the origins of their flaws and ambitions, which are destined to dictate their adult personalities. Turning the tables on history, Hoke puts together a reverse reenactment of one of America’s most atrocious crimes against humanity—the Trail of Tears. This time it’s not the Cherokees who are force-marched from their homeland. Instead, the fat-cat, good-old-boy sheriff and the local, land-hungry, real estate mogul get their comeuppances in one fell swoop in this hilarious exposition of old mountain culture clashing with modern times.

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Moon of the White Tears