Eric Luper
2022 |
Juvenile Fiction

All of your favorite characters from Belching Walrus Elementary return in the third Bad Food book by "the Doodle Boy" Joe Whale and fan-favorite Eric Luper! It’s the start of another school year at Belching Walrus Elementary! Slice, Totz and Scoop are looking forward to finally just chilling with their foodie friends in the cafeteria. A new batch of kids means a chance at a fresh start, right? It’s only the second day of school and already there are whispers about scurrying footsteps in the dark halls and squeaky classrooms. The other foods are totally spooked! Before long, our favorite trio discover that this year Belching Walrus Elementary has welcomed class pets. What are they up to and why is food suddenly going missing? It’s a mystery for the ages in the next Bad Food adventure!

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Mission Impastable: From “The Doodle Boy” Joe Whale (Bad Food #3)