Leigh M. Hall
2020 |
Adult child abuse victims

Oh, the things we will do for our children. Pamela Bowman is a confident, strong, eye-catching woman, but she hasn't always been as secure in her skin as she is now. Growing up, she was neglected and unwanted by her family. After ending up a ward of the state and getting passed around from one foster home to another, Pam realized she had to fend for herself. No one was looking out for her but her. Once Pam was old enough, she decided to take control of her destiny; her life was going to be what she made out of it. After graduating from law school and finding the perfect husband, she felt that she had succeeded in this endeavor. The ideal life lay before her; everyone around her was eating out of the palm of her hand. Pamela, along with her husband Howard and their daughter Lucille have to relocate from their cushy home in Alabama to the harsh street of Chicago. Once there, Pam realized she was losing herself and needed to justify this immediately. She was no longer everyone's primary focus, and the lack of attention was seeping into her psyche. It wasn't until Pam's daughter, Lucille, reached eleven years old, the same age that Pam had been when her life was flipped upside down that she started to gain some motherly instincts. Pam had never felt the maternal force, the bond between mother and child that everyone talked about. However, once a threat showed its ugly face around Lucille, Pam became overwhelmed by a need to keep it away. Little did she know that the more she tried to take control, the more she lost it. If you always have high expectations in life, you will almost always be disappointed. Be careful who you think are weak links; they may end up destroying you in the end.

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