Natalie Pinter

"Natalie Pinter is a wonderful storyteller. She does more than just write--she casts a cozy, tactile, and entrancing spell, which you become compelled to follow wherever it takes you." --Eric Shapiro, author of "It's Only Temporary" & "Days of Allison" Following a lightning storm, Andre and her brother Ben discover a winged girl cowering in their backyard shed. The millennials are thrilled by the appearance of a mythical being, but they are wary too, particularly when she warns them that a dangerous monster has followed her from "Elsewhere." The girl, (Shae) is desperate to return to a world she can now only scarcely recall. Exquisite and beguiling, Shae evokes a protectiveness on their part-especially when she grants them gifts of extraordinary new talent. Andre and Ben want to help her however they can. But the siblings soon find out that these gifts carry ghastly side effects. Andre is enchanted by prophetic dreams, but they wither her grip on reality; Ben creates sublime music, but his health deteriorates. And then, to their horror, they discover that Shae must complete a terrible task before she can return home and that everyone they know and love is in danger. Andre and Ben must now figure out how to thwart a being they've grown to care for. What they don't realize is that Shae is changing-she's beginning to develop a conscience, and an affinity for her human hosts. And as her time runs out, she must make a terrible choice before all their lives spiral into a grisly climax of cruel irony and heartbreaking sacrifice.

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The Fragile Keepers