W. E. Simmons
2022 |

The book that could end the opioid epidemic, For the Love of Opium, begins with a historical account of Opium use in polite society prior to its criminalization. Author W. E. Simmons examines its influence on history, art, and literature, including how it inspired the most famous monsters of the horror genre. We learn what Opium is, the alkaloids that produce its effects, and how they work together and independently. We also learn why science has failed to make a safer and less addictive version of nature’s strongest medicine. The author delves into his personal experiences with opiates as we learn of the history of Opium, where it came from, its use by animals, Neanderthals, and early humans, Opium in religion, early medicine, and the first failed drug laws. Side effects of Opium and how to remedy them are explained. The science and psychology of addiction, endorphins, and the dark side of Opium and addiction are covered. Simple instructions for how not to get addicted to opium are laid out. Where and how to purchase Papaver Somniferum and its seeds is explained along with a step-by-step guide to growing poppies and harvesting your own Opium, how to make poppy tea and an extract of Opium from poppy straw, methods of ingestion, and Opium potentiators. The history of the legal status of Opium is debated, as well as the problem with the current drug scheduling system, and the absurdity of criminalizing plants. The citizens of the world are dying from Fentanyl and other deadly synthetic opioids that are secretly hidden in the drugs they take, and they take these drugs because the natural and safer alternative is against the law.

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For the Love of Opium

Nature's Most Powerful Medicine