Kate Stewart
2024 |

INCLUDES AN EXCLUSIVE, CAN'T MISS BONUS SCENE BETWEEN CECELIA AND SEAN! Discover the first in Tiktok phenom Kate Stewart’s internationally bestselling Ravenhood trilogy, a deliciously steamy, irresistibly edgy and suspenseful Robin Hood retelling that offers a thoroughly unique modern-day spin on the original brotherhood of morally gray bad boys – for fans of Lauren Asher and Ana Huang. Can you keep a secret? The one thing Cecelia Horner knows about her move to Triple Falls is, it’ll be temporary. After one year working for her elusive father at his factory, he’ll hand over the inheritance she needs to help her single mother. With that, Cecelia will leave the town, and everyone in it, behind forever. On her first day, she collides with her new supervisor, Sean. Enigmatic, charming, irresistible, Sean lures Cecelia into a new world of sex, lies, and alliances. Determined to make the most of her time in Triple Falls, Cecelia allows herself to blindly fall. But the more Cecelia is drawn in, the stronger her belief that Sean is keeping a secret. A secret that Dominic, Sean’s best friend, and the darkest, most dangerous of his crew, is determined to keep Cecelia from uncovering. Cecelia discovers something else—a maelstrom of untapped desires within herself along with a powerful pull of first love. The more Cecelia becomes immersed in Sean and Dominic’s perilous world, the more she starts to realize that the men she’s trusted are hiding far more than she could have ever imagined. And the secret they’re hiding just might be the thing to break her fall.

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