Tonya A. Brown
2022 |
Body, Mind & Spirit

Learn witchcraft and fine-tune your unique blend of magic with The Door to Witchcraft Whether inciting a light curiosity or a passionate craving, witchcraft is a practice that you can adapt to fit your goals. The Door to Witchcraft shows you the wonders of magic and how you want to practice it. The book begins with an overview of its history, values, and beliefs. Once you have a solid foundation, learn how to tap into your powers and customize your magic practice. Finally, put your powers into action and start practicing spells. Learn everything a beginner needs to know to practice magic, with: An overview of witchcraft—learn what witchcraft is, including terminology, a brief history, and how it fits into the present day and your life. An introduction to core belief systems and values—including nature and the environment, intuition and personal energy, and healing and helping others. A guide to tap into your powers—including techniques to access your power, how to practice different methods of divination, and ways to develop psychic abilities and intuition. A how-to primer on practicing witchcraft—including solitary vs. group spellwork; traditions, rituals, and ceremonies; calendars and cycles; songs, hymns, and chants; and clothing and tools. A directory of spells—including love, health and healing, career, friends and family, spiritual work, and protection. Walk through the door and into the world of witchcraft with this beginner’s guide.

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The Door to Witchcraft

A New Witch's Guide to History, Traditions, and Modern-Day Spells