A. Wati Walling, Ankush Agrawal, B. Henshet Phom, Chothazo Nienu, Dolly Kikon, Kham Khan Suan Hausing, Michael Heneise, Moamenla Amer, Renchumi Kikon Kuotsu, Riku Khutso, T. Longkoi Khiamniungan, Venusa Tinyi, Vikas Kumar
2018 |
Social Science

This volume offers interdisciplinary perspectives on the historical, cultural, and traditional inferences, inner-logic, and intricacies of democratic politics and elections in Nagaland. It goes beyond 'institutional analyses' of democratic structures and governance by looking at the troubled historical context in which modern democracy was introduced, how Nagas themselves view democracy, the reasoning they adopt as they engage in campaigns and perform elections, the remapping of traditional practices and values unto the new democrat­ ic playing field, and at the gender and 'clean elections' debates such practices evoke.

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Democracy In Nagaland: Tribes, Traditions, and Tensions.