Finis J. Dake
2014 |

The Dake Annotated Reference Bible is called by many names: the Dakes Bible, Dake's Bible, the Dake Bible, Dake's Annotated Bible, Dakes Study Bible, etc. But no matter what it is called, it is simply the best study Bible available today! The Dakes Bible is King James Version, red letter and comes in several styles (hardback, bonded leather and genuine leather) and colors (black and burgundy). No Bible in the world has as many notes (35,000) as a Dakes Bible or as many cross references (500,000) as a Dakes Bible. The purpose of the Dakes Bible is to give in one volume the helps a student of the Bible needs from many books -- Bible Commentaries, Dictionary, complete Concordance, Dispensational Truth, Topical Text Book, Bible Synthesis, Doctrines, Prophetic Studies, and others. Special features of the Dakes Bible include nearly 9,000 chapter and verse headings; 500,000 cross-references; 35,000 notes and comments; summary of interesting facts at the end of each Book; and lists of all the commands, prophecies, promises, prayers, questions, sins, apostasies, complaints, failures, plagues, judgments, healings, wars, miracles, assassinations, kings, queens, dukes, lakes, rivers, farm products, valleys, mountains, cities, empires, nations, etc. In the Dakes Bible thousands of texts are amplified and there are many renderings from various versions. Important Hebrew and Greek words are given with definitions various translations. Obsolete and difficult English words are defined. The general principle adhered to throughout the Dakes Bible is: literalizing instead of spiritualizing. Statements of fact and historical accounts are accepted as such. THE RULE OBSERVED IS: Take the Bible literally wherein it is at all possible; if symbolic, figurative or typical language is used, then look for the literal truth it intends to convey. If you want the best study and reference Bible, then sooner or later you're going to own a Dakes Bible -- a "Dakes Annotated Reference Bible" that is! Why not now? - Publisher.

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Dake's Annotated Reference Bible-KJV