Aveda Vice
2023 |

They say the abandoned Christmas tree farm is haunted. Just Rowen’s luck that she gets stranded there on the drive to visit her overbearing mother…not that Rowen would complain. It’s easier not to rock the boat, even if her jaw aches from a life spent biting her tongue. When she stumbles across Asher, the farm’s surly caretaker and her former flame, things are anything but easy. Getting snowed in together opens old wounds, and the past ten years have done nothing to quell the heat between them. But Asher has a secret lurking in the woods. It watches and waits for a chance to sink its teeth into Rowen. Asher has to do everything they can to protect her, even if it means pushing her away again. As cursed Christmas Eve approaches, Rowen and Asher must finally face their fears or let love slip away for good. Warning: This novel is a W/Nbi romance between a human and a forest god shifter. It is intended only for adult audiences. Reader discretion is advised. Content advisories are listed in the book's front matter and on the author's website. For fans of Freydís Moon and Rien Gray, this story of healing and hunger is the perfect mix of winter chill, holiday warmth, and sultry heat.

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Christmas with the Horned God

A Creepy Holiday Monster Romance