Greta Rose West
2021 |

"If you like Yellowstone but wished it had more romance, this is your book." -Filipino Bookworm Blog From Internationally Bestselling small-town romance author, Greta Rose West, comes the first book in the Cade Ranch Series, Burned. Jump into the steamy Cade Ranch world from the beginning... Jack Cade already has enough on his shoulders with his four brothers, his struggling Wyoming horse ranch, and his adopted mama going through chemo again. He doesn’t have time for a woman, and he doesn’t trust them, not since his real mama left when he was a boy. But when Everlea Donovan falls into his life—literally—he can’t stop fantasizing about her. Wanting her. But Everlea’s hiding something, always looking over her shoulder, ready to run at any moment. She can’t risk putting Jack and his family in danger, but she’s never wanted anything—anyone—the way she wants him. When she starts feeling at home at Cade Ranch with its wide open meadows and breathtaking mountain views, she begins to let down her guard—to both her heart and her safety—and that’s just asking for trouble… The first book in the Cade Ranch series, BURNED is a steamy romance about learning to trust and letting love guide you home… The Cade Ranch Series in order: Burned Broken Busted Braved Blinded For Fans of Lauren Landish, Janice Whiteaker, Kelly Moore, and Elsie Silver, Burned has all the good tropes: forced proximity, grumpy/sunshine, romantic suspense, and more sexy cowboys than you can handle. If you love small towns, angsty brothers, and wide-open horse ranches, this book is for you. Burned contains subjects of a mature nature and language. Issues of parental loss, abduction, and burn victims may be triggered, but there is a guaranteed Happily Ever After and lots of good ol' down-home sexy fun.

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Burned : A FREE Cowboys of Cade Ranch Novel