Alex Adler
2021 |

The Book of Japanese Language is the combination of four parts in one with the aim of gathering in a single volume the necessary knowledge so that any student of Japanese can organically learn the grammatical rules of the language, the most common words, and at the same time be able to consult the great majority of grammatical forms that are used in Japanese on a daily basis.The four parts of the book are Vocabulary, Grammar Explanations, Expressing Yourself in Japanese, and Grammar Dictionary. In Vocabulary, you will find the most common Japanese words with detailed explanations. In Grammar Explanations, you will find the most important conjugations and grammatical forms along with examples to help you understand them. Expressing Yourself in Japanese lists these grammatical forms according to their usage. Finally, in Grammar Dictionary you can find summarized explanations of most Japanese grammatical forms ordered alphabetically.

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The Book of Japanese Language

Learn Japanese in a Logical and Comprehensive Way