Henry Lyra

The acclaimed ABDL novella THE EPITOME OF LOVE evolves into THE BOOK OF CHANGES.A new version the story is here, with an extended plot, and a section of trues coming-out stories of real ABDLs around the world sharing their experiences with acceptance!THE BOOK OF CHANGES follows Robin and Carter. Two seniors at high school, confident Carter is swim team captain with a lot of swag and charisma. His best friend, Robin, is the shy background kid who loves to read and keep to himself. Despite their opposing personalities, ten years of friendship has make them closer than brothers.However, Robin's behavior begins to change as his lifelong secret begins to overwhelm him: He is an Adult Baby. Robin wants to have a successful life, but he also loves to wear diapers, suck his thumb, and he longs to be act and be treated like a baby from time to time. No one ever imagined this about him, but Carter and his family begin to notice Robin's anxiety, and when the revelation comes... it blows everyone away. Yet, with a little guidance and love, Robin discovers that not only his family, but his best friend, are willing to accept and get involved with this part of him. Suddely Robin will discover that love knows no bounds and Carter will realize that Robin is giving him the best present ever too: A baby brother he can take care of!This is the first entry of THE TRILOGY OF CHANGES!

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The Book of Changes

An ABDL Project