Jeannette Winters

Seth Lawson spent long hours monitoring the direction Lawson Steel was taking. It was consuming all his time, and he wasn't sure he liked where they were headed. There was only one way to stay ahead of the competition and that was to crush them. The only problem? They were now family. That changed everything.Charlene Kittredge is quick witted, which at times made it hard for others to take her seriously. When the chance of a lifetime lands in her lap she's going to do anything she needs to prove she is the right candidate for the job, even if it means adding a little fluff on her resume.When Seth learns who his brothers hired as the new PR person for Lawson Steel, he almost quit on the spot. Had they all lost their minds? Charlene definitely could talk, but representing their company was another story. Seth opts to work closely with Charlene, to avoid doing damage control later.Can Seth step out of his own way long enough to see who Charlene really is, or will he be left with nothing but regret for pushing the only woman he ever loved away?Book 1: The Billionaire's RivalBook 2: The Billionaire's CharadeBook 3: The Billionaire's ScandalBook 4: The Billionaire's RegretBook 5: The Billionaire's DeceptionBook 6: The Billionaire's Revenge

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The Billionaire's Regret