Lainey Davis
2022 |

Single mom meets sexy soccer star... Everything comes at a cost. Is love worth the price? They say I've got it all. But half my identity is a mystery. When I’m traded to Pittsburgh’s pro soccer team, I know I need to solve the secret of my origins. I just need to stay focused on my game in the meantime. Easier said than done. I had to go and meet a woman who’s just not that into me, and I can’t get her out of my head. Lucy Nelson is so fierce. She’s raising her kid on her own and working hard to build a future…as part of the coaching staff for my team. She’s got priorities and apparently they don’t include a cocky soccer player, no matter how charming I try to be. As far as Lucy’s concerned, I’m only good for one thing. But I’m a midfielder. I’m used to playing offense and defense. I’m not afraid of Lucy’s baggage, especially with backup from a trio of brothers I didn’t know I had. Beautiful Game is a stand-alone contemporary sports romance with crackling tension and sizzling passion. If you love meddling side characters, secret siblings, and single moms who finally find trust, you’ll swoon for this installment of the Stag Brothers series. This single-mom, sports romance is the perfect spicy slow-burn treat for fans of Ted Lasso, Melanie Harlow, Samantha Christy, TL Swan, or Olivia Hayle. Search terms: ebooks, romance books, romance novels, romance, contemporary romance, contemporary romance books, romance, romance series, new adult romance, contemporary romance, billionaire romance, romance novels, romance books, alpha male, romance novels full book, first loves, girl next door romance, workplace romance, office romance, hometown romance, romance books, books like movies, emotional romance, smart romance, hot romance, Lainey Davis romance, Lainey Davis books, edgy romance, erotic romance books, strong female stories, alpha male, dominant male, dominating hero, hot guy, racy, sexy, wealthy heroes, hockey romance, sports romance, books to read and download, soccer, pro athlete romance, single mom romance, single parent romance, books like Ted Lasso, Roy Kent

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Beautiful Game

A steamy soccer-star meets single-mom romance