Jerrold Lee Shapiro Ph.D.
2021 |
Biography & Autobiography

How does a kid from the streets of the Boston Ghetto end up spending his adult life in Hawaii and Northern California? This memoir was written for two reasons. The first and most important is to be better known by my children and grandchildren. The nature of my early life would seem inexplicable today. Not only are the years gone to the dustbin of history, but so is the neighborhood and lifestyle. Thus, it is also an attempt to comprehend better the trials, tribulations, missteps, great moments, and victories (large and small), as I approach my 9th decade of life. Throughout the book, I try to be transparent, while exploring motives and reasons for my becoming a transplant, far from my roots. I try to explore my journey primarily through the lens of several crucial junctures and transforming choices.

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